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Planet and Moon



Interdimensional healing, matrix reprogramming, house and land clearing, soul guide, animal communicator.

All Services Are On A Sliding Scale of $250 to $500, except for Soul Guidance.


With the ability to perceive beyond normal sensory contact, Akasha not only sees what is on your path but also travels through your body bringing to light the underlying cause of the areas affected. You will be presented with simple ways to change the patterns that are creating the stress and dysfunction.


Understanding the cause and effect alleviates the fear and trepidation that holds the patterns in place.


Matrix Reprogramming

Matrix reprogramming activates your soul signature to correspond with you "NOW"

  • Brings Enlightenment

  • Opens You To The Purity Of Love & Peace

  • Creates A Harmonic Flow In Your Life

Interdimensional Healing

Akasha travels throughout your body removing blockages, implants and attachments. Rips are mended and damaged areas are repaired. She synchronizes the organs and systems after clearing them.

Transcending through layers and lifetimes the releases come from the core of your being, giving the body and spirit an ovewhelming sense of relief that stimulates a profound sense of well being.

Lightening the molecular structures increases the frequency, strengthing your universal connection and depth of grounding into the earth energies

Snowy Mountain Sunset

Soul Guidance Through Death

Assisting someone through the death process is a very sacred act. It is done with the utmost respect and integrity while honoring the person. The person is shifted within the matrix bringing them into alignment with the correct opening.


Constant energetic contact is kept during the process, making sure the transition flows along the pathway without veering off onto intersecting paths of karma. As these intersections are passed the energies of their karma are neutralized and cleared.

This allows a person to transition in peace knowing they will attain the highest vibrational space possible.

Depending on the complexity of each case and the duration of time that it takes to complete an individual’s transition, it will likely exceed 96 hours.

***This procedure is priced based on the minimum time needed to complete it (96 hours) and cost is on a sliding scale. Cost range is $24,000 to $48,000.

Animal Communicator & Healer

Tapping into the vibration of domestic and wild animals, Akasha is able to interpret the necessary changes to bring comfort & wellness.

Relaying the information to the caretaker, it gives them the knowledge to assist their animal.

Akasha clears all energy blockages which allows functioning at the capacity required.

***For those whose ailments are beyond healing, she clears the space and opens the connection so their passing is gentle and smooth.

House & Land Energy Clearings Are Also Available.
Call:  407-493-7433

All services are on a sliding scale from $250 to $500 except for Soul Guidance.

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