Akasha - Healer & Clairvoyant


Contact Akasha

407-493-7433 or Akashawk@gmail.com

AkashaFor a session with Akasha:
Contact Akasha to set up an appointment and she will call you at the agreed upon time. All Services are on a sliding scale $250 to $500 per hour.

For a Reading:
You stay on the phone for the entire session.

For a Healing:
After the connection is made initially, you hang up and sit or lay quietly until Akasha calls back. At that time she will tell you what was done and if there is anything you will need to do to help integrate the healing energies.

Group Past Life Readings
This is a unique experience that is fun while being informative. Gather a group of friends or co-workers that have a close bond and Akasha will bring forth past life connections, behaviors, and experiences. Akasha will come to your place for this.


Have a problem and don't know how to deal with it? Or, can't even define the problem? Ask Akasha. Her insight transcends space and time. It has helped me to have a Phoenix Rising. -Nick

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For a session for someone else:
Akasha will need the name and location of the person who will be receiving the healing work. The person does not need to be contacted. As long as Akasha gets permission from the person’s higher self to do the interdimensional healing, it can be done. To purchase a gift certificate for someone, please click here.

For an Animal Healing:
Akasha will need the name and address of the animal. Please contact Akasha for more information.

For House and Land Clearing:
For clearing the energies of your land and your house, Akasha will need the location. This is usually done remotely.

All Services are on a sliding scale $250 to $500 per hour.