Akasha - Healer & Clairvoyant


Animal Healing

Akasha has the ability to tap into the vibration of animals.  She is able to see within to do what is needed to bring them comfort and wellness.  She has brought healing energy into many of the animals she has worked with. While being able to see what is needed to help, she relays this information to the caretakers of these animals, allowing them to be able to help on an everyday level.  For those whose ailments are beyond healing, she clears the space and opens the connection so that their passing is gentle and smooth.

My direct experience when receiving healing energy from Akasha can not be put down in words. When an Indian devotee asked his Master what he called his healing modality, his Master replied," How can you name the Nameless?" What comes through Akasha as she transcends into the realm of all possibilities...

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